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Top Things Oakland's Known For

View of the San Francisco bridge leading to Oakland

There’s plenty that might draw a potential resident to the luxury apartments in Oakland. This city is the largest in the East Bay, the third largest in the entirety of The Bay Area, and the eighth largest in California (by population), so to say that there’s plenty around worth paying attention to is something of an understatement! And what stands out among these many Oakland attractions, you might wonder? That’s exactly what we’ll be taking a look at today, as we cover some of the wonders that have put Oakland on the map.

Good Old Lake Merritt

Smack dab in the center of Oakland, you’ll find beautiful Lake Merritt. The 140-acre lake is notable for being one of America’s first official wildlife refuges, and it’s been a National Historic landmark since the early 1960s. As you might imagine, it makes for the perfect spot to chill out, relax, and enjoy the outdoors even in the midst of the urban air.

Eli’s Mile High Club

Once a legendary Blues establishment, now a venue with more of a rock and punk persuasion, Eli’s has always been a great place to catch a live show, and makes for a great spot to spend an evening on the town.

Jack London Square

Legendary Jack London Square is the entertainment and business epicenter near the waters of Oakland. Redevelopment has influenced its progress as of late, and there are big future plans for this area to thrive as Oakland continues marching toward the future.

The Fox Theater

Over on Telegraph Avenue, you’ll find the historic Fox Theater, a 2,800 seat concert venue that was once a movie theater. It served this role faithfully from 1928 to 1970, and after a bit of repair work in the 2000s, re-emerged as the bustling performance venue we know today.

Oakland Museum of California

One of the grandest museums you’ll find in The Bay Area is the Oakland Museum of California. This cultural institution showcases exhibits relating to art, history, science and more. You’ll have a blast perusing the galleries, and who knows, you might even learn a little something.

Redwood Regional Park

Just a few miles outside of Oakland, you’ll find this grand and inviting forest. It’s known, of course, for the towering redwood trees that are common here, though the 1,800-acre region also includes evergreens, chaparral and various grasslands as well.

There’s Even More to Pay Attention to At the Luxury Apartments in Oakland

The wonders of the city never cease, and no community could serve as a finer example of that than The Atlas. This spectacular, eclectic, and all-around impressive high rise mixes the best of the Oakland spirit together into one space — a place where the movers and shakers of Oaktown can get down and enjoy the dynamic nature of this wonderful city, or just as easily relax and recharge for another day of hard work. This is the East Bay exemplified, so drop us a line to learn more about The Atlas, and how you can call one of these stunning residences home.