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Pet-Friendly Apartments at Atlas

sunny and spacious outdoor dog run at atlas with artificial turf, green trees, and great views of downtown Oakland

Furry Friends Welcome

We not only welcome cats and dogs at Atlas, but have dedicated features such as a pet spa for on-site grooming and washing, as well as a spacious outdoor dog run and park (see featured photo on this post) with great views of downtown Oakland. Additional pet care services are also available for a fee. We allow up to 2 pets per unit. Pet rent is $60 per month per pet and there is a $500 refundable fee. Please contact the leasing office for a complete list of breed restrictions.

Take the Time to Dog-Proof Your Home

You may have heard of kid-proofing your apartment but doggie-proofing could be new to you. Dog-proofing includes installation of child-proof latches to keep prying paws away from cleaning supplies, medications, and other chemicals. If you have prized possessions that a wagging tail might knock down, be sure to place those things in places that are out of reach for your four-legged friend.

If you have a teething puppy, you’ll want to make sure your pet has chewable toys that will soothe their gums. Don’t forget to stash shoes and other items to ensure they don’t fall victim!

Make Space Where for You & Your Pet

If you’re currently looking for a dog-friendly apartment, search for rentals that feature an open floor plan. A good layout is essential, and this will make it easier to create spaces for you and your dog. To designate spaces, mark off clear areas for your pet’s food, water bowl, and dog bed. Be thoughtful about where you keep your dog’s toys, as you don’t want them thinking that it’s playtime while you’re working at your desk!

Give Your Dog a Reliable Routine

Dogs crave exercise and the security of a routine. Make sure that your dog is walked at reliable times, fed at the same time every day, and gets playtime at regular intervals. Some luxury apartments in Oakland offer dog-friendly services and amenities. At Atlas, dog owners have access to an on-site pet wash and grooming spa as well as a dog park.