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5 Fun Facts about Oakland's Tribune Tower

exterior of tribune tower with iconic Art Deco exterior and green spire

Atlas luxury apartments sits in the historical downtown district of Oakland with striking views of the skyline. One of those views just so happens to face the Tribune Tower, a 22-story building that’s steeped in history. But what’s this building all about? Here are five fun facts about this iconic Oakland fixture.

1. It’s An Artifact from the Art Deco Era
The Tribune Tower was completed in the 1920s and is a stunning display of art deco architecture. Designed by Edward T. Foulkes, the building is the 11th tallest in Oakland, soaring with geometric patterns, ornamental friezes, and decorative motifs. It’s a true masterpiece to behold and a masterclass in timeless elegance.

2. The Tower Features Bricks from the Taj Mahal
This might just be the most unique building exterior you’ve ever seen. The Tribune Tower features fragments of famous buildings from all around the world, which was inspired by a 1919 contest hosted by the Oakland Tribune. Readers were invited to submit pieces of historically or architecturally significant structures, and the result was the incorporation of stones and bricks from places like the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, and the Great Wall of China.

3. It’s Designed for Earthquake Resilience
Oakland is prone to seismic activity, so the Tribune Tower’s engineers had their work cut out for them. During its construction, engineers implemented innovative earthquake-resistant techniques, including a flexible steel frame and a foundation anchored into the bedrock. This forward-thinking approach has allowed the tower to weather numerous earthquakes over the years, a testament to its enduring durability.

4. You Can Enjoy Panoramic Views
Ascend to the top of the Tribune Tower, and you'll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of Oakland and the Bay Area. While the tower was initially closed to the public, it has since opened its observation deck, allowing visitors to marvel at the city's ever-changing landscape. Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a unique vantage point, the Tribune Tower's observation deck offers an unforgettable experience.

5. It’s Living History
In recent years, the Tribune Tower has undergone adaptive reuse, a process that transforms historical buildings for modern purposes while preserving their architectural integrity. The tower's conversion into residential units and commercial spaces breathes new life into this historic downtown landmark, ensuring its relevance for generations to come. This harmonious blend of preservation and adaptation showcases Oakland's commitment to honoring its past while embracing a vibrant future.

Enjoy sweeping views of the Tribune Tower from Atlas luxury residences. Come see for yourself with a visit! We accept walk-ins or you can schedule a visit with our leasing professionals. Contact our office for more information.